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We are glad to greet you here at Anastasia Web, the world’s biggest Russian/American matchmaking tour company!

With the help of Anastasia Web you can make a fast and easy contact with the most beautiful Russian ladies throughout the former Soviet Union.

During Anastasia Web Dating Tours you will meat so many kind and beautiful ladies, that it is quite impossible to come back without having met your soulmate!

.:: Undisputed Leader in Matchmaking Business ::.

Have a close look at Anastasia Web site. What do you see? Aren’t you impressed with the high quality of Russian women introduced there? Right, they are fascinating! But have you noticed that every week we add 250 beautiful girls to our site? How is it possible? Where do we find them?

The thing is that Anastasia Web has been in matchmaking business since 1993, has more than 23 thousands women members and is affiliated with as many as 160 agencies throughout Russia representing mail order brides in most areas. In major cities and remote locations across all 11 time zones Anastasia Web got deeply rooted connections with marriage brokers companies to provide great services to customers from all over the world.

.:: Largest Russian Brides Database ::.

Anastasia Web got the largest, most accurate and up-to-date database of available Russian ladies - over nine thousands active profiles at this very moment. A special team in our Moscow office stays in constant touch with the girls to make sure the information we provide is always actual.

.:: Full-time Professionals ::.

We are proud to have the largest full-time staff in the matchmaking industry. There are 65 professionals working in our US and Moscow offices, so we are able to conduct romance tours to Russia and Ukraine and provide services with a level of expertise that is unequaled by any other company. Furthermore Anastasia Web is the only company in the world that offers Flower and Gift Delivery to every city in the former USSR.

.:: Unforgettable Love Tours ::.

Among the cities of Anastasia Web Dating Tours we shoul mention Odessa, Moscow, St.-Petersburgh - the most beautiful cities of Russia

Anastasia Web conducts nineteen romance tours a year to Russia and Ukraine. Our customers have a good chance to meet hundreds of pretty and sincere Russian brides in friendly surroundings with a professional free of charge interpreter, bar services, soft background music and a dance floor. Anastasia Web mission is to introduce you to worthy women who are greatly interested in marrying Western men. There are 10-25 Russian ladies for each man present at our socials. Some of them travel hundreds of miles to meet our tour participants.

.:: Anastasia Web Customer Feedback Sites ::.

Anastasia Web maintains a number of websites dedicated to its customers’ feedback. Whether someone shares his impressions of a love tour or writes a touching story of his recent marriage that happened owing to our matchmaking efforts, the importance of such communication cannot be overestimated. “Words that come out of your heart go straight to hearts”.

We used to have one site divided into four sections - Web Services, Recent Marriages, Dating Tours and Tour Videos. But, over time, as the Customer service department of our company is receiving hundreds of emails daily, we have topically spread the information to a couple of brand-new websites: and Recent Marriages section you can still enjoy at

.:: Dating Tours Feedback ::.

This website is dedicated to the feedback we get from our customers returning from Anastasia Web romance tours.

The mail we get can be divided into several types, such as: thank you letters, membership cancellation requests (most of those are in fact upcoming weddings announcements), recommendations to friends and favorable comments about Anastasia’s work and quality concern.

Another common reason for contacting Anastasia Web support personnel is “profile removal requests” due to success stories happened within our community. Those letters are something we take pride in, as they are documentary evidence of our mission carried out effectively and efficiently.

.:: One Precious Letter ::.

All the letters are placed here at Anastasia Web Dating Tours site; you can enjoy them one by one in chronological sequence. But before you do so have a look at a typical “letter of appreciation”, an average mail combined from many, written by our grateful customers. This simple and sincere message can speak volumes about our work. It precisely reflects the mood and the spirit of Anastasia’s customers:

Dear Anastasia Web,

In most cases Anastasia Web Tours result in new happy marriages

First of all, I wish to express my sincere gratitude and deep appreciation for the wonderful tour to Russia last month. The tour was well planned and carefully implemented. It was a pleasant, enjoyable and productive trip of my life time. The socials were wonderful also. The best socials I ever been to. I had more dates and fun than I've had in the past ten years with American women. You can remove my name from your list since I am already engaged and won't be attending any more tours. If it had not been for Anastasia Web, I would not have met Her, with whom I am very satisfied. I will highly recommend your program to gentlemen who are searching for a wife or I will even recommend your tour to those who are simply looking for romance or a good time in Russia. I also wanted to say that I was very impressed with Anastasia and the staff. You guys and gals are great.You should be proud of your successful business. Thanks again.

.:: Questions or Comments ::.

At Anastasia Web we value your input. Please feel free to send us your questions or comments; our Customer Service department is always available at Our staff is here to answer your questions about Russia, Russian ladies and the services we offer.  


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